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Car Flags

Car Flags

Car Flags Are Best For Promotional Activities


With the regular and increased use of flags throughout the world whether for symbolizing the nation, distinguished flags for individual departments, in military offices or for sports and events, the flags are manufactured in various forms.

The manufacturing of flags and their printing is done on polyester, vinyl, mesh or cotton materials as per the requirement. There are many customized flags used according to the nature of the event or occasion, and one of them is car flags. For promotional activities of sports, business, and brand popularity the customized car flags are taken into use as you can carry them wherever you go.

By flying a car flag, you can support a good cause or can participate in the advertising business. The car flags are fixed on a plastic pole and are of 11"*18" in size. Even you can use a magnetic type of car poles to be fixed on moving vehicles. The car flags are available in different fabrics and variety in printings such as applique sewn technique or digitalized printing on flags.

The features of car flags are:

Single or dual side flags are printed in the market

Plastic window pole along with 3" clip

20" pole size available

Customized designs of different style flags are available from the flag store

The displays of car flags are the inexpensive ways to promote your business or resorts to the public. The clips are tightly fixed to the rubber frame of the car window to hold the flag stiffly.

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