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Printed Flags

Printed Flags

Get Your Flag Printed With New Techniques Of Printing


We have been dealing with flag printing many years and giving quality services to customers. The flag is one of the best methods to print accurate flags quickly in less time. We have suggested some types of printing to give extra quality printing with minimum efforts.

Flags have been used around for over 4000 years ago. The first type of flag known as vexilloid which comes from the Latin word called guide. It was made up of metal and wooden poles with the carving on the top. Some pieces of fabric and material were added to vexilloids for decorations. It was used earlier to give information about themselves in battles to help their friends.

Types of Flag Printing

1. Silk Screening – In this large automatic printing machines are use to print the flags. The main task of a printing machine is to print the flag accurately within a short span of time. The process of printing is very long so its minimum 10 days order to print a flag. It is very suitable for vector graphics which are costly made and few colors are needed to print them.

2. Digital Printing – It is a custom artwork which is digitally printed from the big inkjet printer. The main benefit of choosing digitally printed flags is that it does not require any minimum requirements of the order. We can print pictures and full information with digital printing with lots of options for enhancing the printing look. It can be fulfilled by buying two sided flags.

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